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Upper Austria – a holiday paradise


Upper Austria is a region with many faces: nature, culture, the charming town of Linz, local traditions, mountains, woods, lakes, sports and more. A holiday in Upper Austria has something for every taste. This region is the ideal destination for a vacation, at any time of the year, with the whole family.
Upper Austria is a region rooted in traditional ways of life. Changes in the ebb and flow of the seasons are marked by special community celebrations that have been passed down through the ages. For example, winter in Upper Austria finishes a little earlier than everywhere else thanks to the traditional carnival celebrated by the inhabitants of Ebernsee. Such traditions and celebrations are held throughout the year. They are of particular interest to the visitor and very often they have a very humorous dimension to them.
In addition to its lived traditions, Upper Austria is one of the most beautiful Austrian provinces. Its lake and mountain region is one of incredible beauty. In summer it offers countless opportunities to enjoy sports or simply to relax. Here enthusiasts of hiking, paragliding, biking, horse riding, golf, surfing, sailing, and climbing will be delighted with all the region has to offer. And if you are a fan of swimming and sunbathing you will be spoilt for choice thanks to the many, many lakes, in the region
In winter, Upper Austria belongs to the winter sports enthusiast. The skiing areas of Gosau, Feueralm, Forster Alm, Katrin-Alm, Hochlecken and many others invite to enjoy skiing, carving, snowboarding and cross-country skiing.
The capital of Upper Austria, Linz, has many attractions and alternatives on offer for those who are looking for a taste of city life. The many bars, restaurants, shopping centres, cinemas and cultural events make Linz a most attractive destination. The famous “Ars Electronica” is well worth a visit.

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